Learn ultrasound

Deepscope is the leading ultrasound simulator for learning full probe movement from home. The technology is portable and can be used from mobile & laptop.  

The future of ultrasound learning

Ultrasound is a useful skill for medical practitioners, but learning ultrasound remotely is difficult. 


Deepscope Student is the first realistic ultrasound simulator that can be used from home with movements in all directions. 

It helps you to learn ultrasound more easily by providing a virtual probe to learn all probe movements. 

Your own personal ultrasound simulator 

   Now you have the opportunity to take ultrasound learning to a new level.  You can use ultrasound simulator from anywhere and also start collaborative sessions with other students so learning is fun. 

True movement technology - all types of probe movement are supported across the whole body: sliding, sweeping, fanning & rotating.


Accurate 3d anatomy - view highly accurate anatomy and the ultrasound beam together, so you can understand the view plane and the underlying structures.


Accessible and portable! Learn ultrasound anywhere, from home, university or on the wards.

Ultrasound simulation software that has all the components you need to learn from home 

Deepscope Student

Get your own virtual ultrasound probe.  Access the models to learn anatomy using ultrasound.  4 anatomical models with over 100 tissues.  Simple shaped structures to demonstrate ultrasound concepts and techniques for learning easy view plane finding. Keep the lowest price for the ultrasound simulator. We’re developing technology at a faster pace than anyone else in the industry.