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The next generation ultrasound simulator

Join top Universities using Deepscope


More Advanced, More Portable, More Accessible 

Deepscope is the first mixed reality ultrasound simulator, allowing you to turn any mannikin into a high fidelity educational ultrasound simulator at a fraction of the cost of traditional mannikin based simulators. 

The system is highly portable making simulation training easy to deliver anywhere and comes packed with features, including probe position guidance, probe position testing and a library of pathologies.   

Our mission is to lower the barrier to ultrasound simulation, so you can help more students to learn.  The Deepscope simulator comes with everything you need to run classes, including the headset, casting equipment and accessories to make handling many students easy. 


Let's Connect

Get in touch with any of your ultrasound simulation needs.  We can help with custom simulations and products.

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