Instructor Tools

Teach ultrasound on Zoom or other video software.


With Deepscope Ultrasound Instructor Tools you lead your students through an ultrasound scenario.  Your students join via their device and control their own probe.   


Everyone gets to scan.

Fully compatible with Zoom, Hangouts, Meet and other teleconferencing software, using Deepscope you can teach unlimited students virtually.  


Advanced software means your students can move their own virtual probe, while you instruct them.   Show detailed anatomy and precise probe positioning. 

Your students control their own probe and by following your movements, they can improve their technique.

Students can also move their own ultrasound probe.

To try an institutional license, either purchase on the site or contact us.

Buy the instructor tools now, or if you have questions, get in touch.

Please either purchase the tools directly or send us an email to make an enquiry - 

We offer a 50% discount to institutions in low income countries.  Please contact to apply. 

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