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Integrate Ultrasound Into Your Simulation Scenarios


A common challenge in simulation rooms is integrating ultrasound simulation into clinical scenarios. Traditional methods, such as RFID tags or pre-recorded videos, often lack realism as they do not allow students to adjust the probe to find the correct view. Realistic scenarios are crucial for effective learning, as realism is associated with quality of learning outcomes.

Deepscope System Explanation

The Deepscope system addresses this issue by enabling full movement ultrasound simulation with existing mannequins. It uses the MetaQuest 2 or 3 virtual reality headset, but not for visual display purposes. Instead, the headset is used to track the position of the ultrasound probe in space. This setup allows for a realistic simulation experience where students can navigate to different view planes on the existing simulation room mannequin.

During the setup, a virtual anatomy model is placed within the mannequin, the headset is then placed onto a stand.  The students can then move the ultrasound probe freely on the surface of the mannequin and see the dynamic simulated ultrasound images from that view plane on the screen of a laptop – this can be mac or windows.  

Additionally, the system supports remote control capabilities, allowing instructors to adjust heart rate and pathologies of the simulation from a distance.

The system is compatible with any mannequin, with a preference for those having a compressible abdomen for tactile feedback.  It can also be used on human models/actors.

Operational considerations include ensuring the MetaQuest headset is within a predefined boundary and disabling its internal proximity sensor to prevent it from going to sleep when placed on a stand.


The Deepscope system provides a practical solution for integrating realistic ultrasound simulation into clinical training scenarios. Its design allows for seamless integration with existing mannequins, offering an enhanced learning experience for learners. 

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