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Spatial Computing For Ultrasound

With the launch of the Vision Pro in 2 days time, Apple is betting on spatial computing being the next big interface. 

At Deepscope we think that ultrasound training is the ultimate spatial computing problem.  The reason is that you need to teach students to make subtle probe movements in 3D space whilst looking at a 2D ultrasound image.  This makes it very challenging to teach ultrasound skills asynchronously through traditional teaching methods like 2D videos.

Our new feature, spatial tutorials, aims to solve that problem.  The idea is to enable ultrasound teachers to easily record themselves in simulation whilst tracking their probe movement, laser pointer, depth and tissues every 12th of a second. 

Students can then play the tutorials back in their own time and get a truly immersive experience whilst being able to interact with the simulator in their own way. 

We think this is exciting because it allows individual educators to scale up their own ultrasound teaching, magnifying their impact and enabling them to create content that is relevant to their students and curriculum. 

We're currently looking for educators who want to Beta test this concept. You need to have access to an Oculus Quest device and you should teach ultrasound regularly.  If that's you, please send an email to


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