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Easily guide a remote operator through an ultrasound scan

Sometimes you don't have expert scanning skills available on site, but you still need to perform ultrasound scans.  Existing tele-ultrasound solutions require guiding a user via 2 dimensional information, which requires training and can be frustrating. 


With Deepscope tele-ultrasound your ultrasound images are streamed across sessions while you can see your student's probe in 3D space.  You can show exactly where the probe should be moved making the solution easy even for an untrained operator.  


The solution works with any ultrasound scanner and does note require training.  For scientific purposes, the system can be setup to export movement data for machine learning and research. 

We can also provide highly trained remote sonographers to remotely guide operators at conducting a wide range of scans, so you can scale up the ultrasound at your practice while providing CPD level teaching. 


Tele-ultrasound without the hassle. No training or expensive equipment required.

We can provide expert sonographer supervisors or you can do it yourself.

Export accurate movement data for research purposes.


We offer a 50% discount to institutions in low income countries.  Please contact to apply. 

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