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Interactive Group Virtual Ultrasound Simulation Sessions

Updated: May 8, 2021

Teaching ultrasound to groups of students can be challenging, particularly with access to ultrasound machines and simulators being restricted during the covid-19 pandemic, leaving students with fewer opportunities for hands-on learning.

In order to help instructors to keep their students engaged and make sure they are following core concepts of view plane finding, we developed the Deepscope Ultrasound Simulator Interactive Group Virtual Ultrasound Simulation Mode.

An instructor starts a session and students all join this shared session at once. The instructor can hide all ultrasound probes and demonstrate particular views, whilst the students explore or follow along. Once the instructor is ready, they focus on individual students to test their understanding of the concepts they have learnt.

It can be used to gamify ultrasound teaching and keep students more engaged whilst learning spatial ultrasound concepts. This mode is being used by leading institutions including Johns Hopkins to teach the next generation of ultrasound users.

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