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Advanced Echocardiography Simulation

Updated: May 8, 2021

Performing echocardiography involves finding a sequence of cross sectional 2d view planes of the heart. This requires a robust understanding of 3d cross sectional anatomy so that the ultrasound probe can be placed in the correct location and orientation.

Learning echo used to be only possible in the simulation centre, using an ultrasound simulator, or on real patients, under direct supervision. Now with the new Deepscope echocardiography models, you can learn from home before getting to the sim centre or reaching patients.

Our latest cardiac models include multiple segmentation levels, you can slice the anatomy and zoom to get a full understanding of the 3d anatomy.

WAdvanced Echocardiography Simulatione have also included harder aspects such as the rib spaces, which you will need to move between in order to get a good view.

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